SREC Management

Your solar installation produces Solar Renewable Energy Credits when properly certified and registered with PJM’s SREC market. As part of STAR Solar’s total solar solution, we offer the complete management of your solar array’s SREC potential. We will see that your projects are properly registered, and we will market your SREC’s on the spot and long-term contract markets to bring more value to your array.

What are SRECs?

SREC’s are the renewable attributes of the electricity your installation generates. For every 1MWh of solar energy your system produces, 1 SREC is created. SRECs are the foundation of individual state RPS, a major driver in the renewable market. Utilities buy these SRECs to make up for short-falls in their compliance with state RPS’s. Otherwise the utility has to pay a fee set by legislation, which creates the need and value in a SREC trading market.