Our Company

STAR Solar LLC was formed in 2009 under STAR Energy to further expand the business’s developments in renewable and sustainable technologies. STAR Solar compliments STAR Energy’s objectives of creating sustainable energy for the secure future of our electrical grid, offering solar to businesses, large power consumers, and utilities across the Mid-West and South-Central states.

A core belief of STAR Energy is the Triple Bottom Line, measuring success by social, environmental, and financial metrics combined. STAR Solar extends this core belief with a solar training facility for solar installation and maintenance. This facility is part of STAR Energy’s 822Renew project, an urban community outreach facility. Also located at this facility are STAR Solar’s offices and warehouse, shared with affiliate Star Foremost Solar.

STAR Energy Holdings is a renewable energy holding company, who’s mission is to develop renewable energies in various industries that enhance the communities they are located in.

  • STAR BioEnergy – Develops waste-to-energy Anaerobic Digesters, 35 projects identified throughout the country, 8 in active development.
  • STAR Wind – 1400 MW of projects sold in an asset sale in 2010, 20 MW project under development in MN.
  • STAR CNG – 6 CNG Stations identified, securing anchor fleets in dense metropolitan areas and to support STAR BioEnergy plants in the future.

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