Municipal Services

Municipalities have a broad range of facilities and services that require energy so it’s no wonder why energy costs are usually their second largest budget item. Solar is a great opportunity for municipalities to lower their energy expenses, improve fiscal budgets and reduce the town’s energy usage! 

Installing solar allows municipalities to reduce their electric bills by providing them the opportunity to produce their own electricity. Those savings can be re-invested in municipal budgets.  Solar also helps keep those savings local instead of in out of state utility holding companies 

By installing solar municipalities can create solar jobs in their local community.  Solar jobs range from installation to manufacturing to sales.  There are twice as many people working in solar than the entire coal industry. 

Municipalities that install solar panels on their buildings will jump start their clean energy economy.  By leveraging community outreach programs to inform residents about solar and clean energy during the installation process, you will grow your local customer base. 


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