Commercial Services

STAR Solar provides projects to commercial and industrial clients, complete solar solutions that allow them to save on their energy demands for the next 25 years. We help our clients meet savings, sustainability, and social goals (the Triple Bottom Line).

With our headquarters in Louisville, KY; a logistical hub between the East and West; and current project work in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, and New York, STAR Solar is positioned to service a large market area across the Mid-West and South-Central regions.

STAR Solar has developed platforms for our customers to lock-in energy savings for the next 25 years with zero risk of rising energy costs. These programs also give customers more control over their energy needs, allowing them to become investors in the future of their energy needs.

STAR Solar always keeps the fast-paced evolution of technology in mind, and design your project with a forward-thinking mindset. We’re always prepared to begin leveraging the latest and greatest to offer our customers more cost benefits.

And, for clients looking to invest in solar, but not lose focus of their core business, STAR Solar offers a lease-back program to resolve client participation in projects.